The Immink Lamb Camp conducted by the Vince McGolden family, held in June in Fairbury NE, each year.

Expanding in Vilonia, AR first weekend of August, 2013.


This camp will offer Immink Club Lamb exhibitors with new parents the most up to date tools on exhibiting, feeding, and exercising from one of the most successful and respected families in the business.


Our first responsibility is to breed the animals that will be competitive. Next, we want to give out customers the most up to date techniques to use at home to compete at the highest level possible.


Our theme at Lamb Camp will always remain at a constant; Respect, Sportsmanship, and Integrity.


We are all proud of all our attendees! The exhibitor's improvement in a little over 24 hours, is a complement to the unsurpassed communication skills of the McGolden family. In 2012 Immink Club Lamb Camp attendees resulted in 24 championship showmanships. One state winner, and 3 finalists at the American Royal.


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